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OLED television system is the next crucial thing in the flat panel display TV technology as displays become brighter, clearer, and sleeker. Organic Light Emitting Diode TVs consume less power than the conventional LCD, LED, and plasma TVs and is much thinner and lighter. Let us see what this new technology is all about.

What is OLED?

The OLED TV works when light is emitted due to passing electricity through the OLED material. OLED displays are made from carbon-based materials that are sandwiched between two electrical conductors. There are two types of OLED displays in common usage:

  • PMOLED- Passive Matrix OLED, and
  • AMOLED- Active matrix OLED

PMOLED is cheaper, easy to manufacture but has limited resolutions and aspect ratios. In contrast, AMOLED displays are larger and more efficient, but expensive and difficult to manufacture. PMOLED is used in some MP3 players only- most smartphones, digital cameras, and tablets use AMOLED displays.

Though OLED panel lifetime is not as impressive as LCD or plasma displays and it has many manufacturing difficulties, they are ideal for use in battery-operated gadgets like smartphones and digital cameras because they consume remarkably little power.

Advantages of OLED TV

  • No motion blur/lag
  • Very wide viewing angle
  • Very low power consumption
  • No harmful metals like lead involved
  • Large displays are thin and flexible
  • Better color reproduction and contrast, and
  • Darker blacks and brighter whites


Price is the only hurdle, but it is worthy to note here that turning the pages back the LCD and Plasma technologies were costly too. In addition, once technological and production difficulties are overcome the prices will come down and more so because theoretically any suitable substrates can be used in the OLED TV. Another thing is the smaller lifespan due to the quickly exhaustible blue diodes at 14,000 hours compared to upto 40,000 for LED displays. A few OLED TVs from Samsung and LG have recently been released.a

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