OnLive Desktop Plus Brings PC Inside iPads

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OnLive has launched the Desktop Plus, which brings Windows into iPads via a novel flash- enabled application. It brings a flash enabled web experience for iPad users and let them use PC productivity tools in the Microsoft Office package. The OnLive Desktop app is now available for download at the Apple app store and will be soon available for Android gadgets too.

The App

At $4.99 per month, iPad owners can now experience PC applications like Microsoft Office Word, PowerPoint, and Excel and a few notable windows applications like calculator, paint, media player, and notepad through the OnLive Desktop application with 2 GB of cloud storage. You just need to make an account online at

Apart from that, it also brings high speed accelerated gigabit-speed browsing and enables flash utilities through the web. This is a boon for users of Apple tablets, as the iPad cannot play flash videos. The OnLive Desktop app is a small app- just about 15 MB.

Why Go for OnLive Desktop?

OnLive Desktop gives you the complete Windows Office suite unlike many other apps, which gives scaled down versions of the same. Microsoft’s own Touch Pack add-on is used to suite the Windows platform provided by the app, or you can use the handwriting recognition utility provided by Windows. The seamless 1-gigabit internet is the fastest one can get anywhere, and you can have the same speed for uploading too. A 30 MB file can be uploaded in just 1 second.

However, the OnLive Desktop lacks the control panel as in a normal Windows system. The Office files used through the OnLive app must be saved in the documents folder on the desktop. These files will be saved in the cloud and can be accessed from OnLive’s website.

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