Ouya Gaming Console will be shipped soon

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"Ouya Gaming Console"

Ouya Gaming Console

It’s the fun time for open source nerds to rejoice with the Ouya gaming console which is based on Android, an open source OS. The good news is that they are shipping the deliveries on time.

Ouya gaming console first came in to attention when it raised approx 8.5+ million USD recently in order to develop a gamin console which is open source and quite cheaper than other gaming consoles running in the market like Xbox and Sony PS.

Well, the early time funders who funded this cheap console campaign and paid $95 for the device won’t get the device until March, 2012 at least. However, few people who were highly interested in the project and paid $699 for this startup will have the “first rooted gaming console for developers” by December, 28, 2012. That means they will have the luck to enjoy the Ouya gaming console on Christmas week.

For sure, if the makers of Ouya gaming console gadget can keep their words to ship the starter kit for developers in December then they certainly deserve appreciation. It’s the project backed by Kickstarter and we have seen lots of Kickstarter projects being late from their due deadlines. For instance Pebble which has crossed its deadlines enough times and still pending for shipping.

The company resources confirmed that their consoles will be developer kits actually but the first dev kit they are going to deliver on December carries some especial features. That’s why it is being delivered to the early funders who have paid $699.

Additionally, Ouya is developing their truly owned development kit named ODK. This Ouya Development Kit will be available for developers so that they can make further improvements on existing system. Also, they said to make the gameplay compatible with the latest Android OS, Jelly Bean so that gamers can enjoy gaming on bigger screens too.

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