Panasonic TC-PVT50 Plasma TV Review

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Panasonic TC-PVT50

Panasonic TC-PVT50

With OLED TV releases along the way this year, flat panel display technology is nearing another historic landmark. Presently OLEDs are only for videophiles and who will invest such vast amounts when you get top of the quality displays like Panasonic’s TC-PVT50 series of plasma Smart HDTVs.


The Panasonic VT50 plasma HDTV comes with Smart TV technology, which includes support for 3D videos. It is terrific for using for your Skype video conferencing too. Some of the features of the Panasonic Plasma TV are given below:

•Technology- Plasma, 3D, runs on dual core CPU

• Display- 55 or 65-inch glossy screen

• Refresh rate- 60 Hz and 96 Hz

• Connectivity- It has Built-in WiFi, USB support, HDMI ports, and touchpad remote. The smart TV runs on a dual core processor and the interface called Viera Cast is easy to navigate through and contains many useful apps like Netflix and Vudu although some 3D apps would have done better. The touchpad remote is one of the best features.

Pros and Cons

Although expensive, Panasonic Plasma TV gives better performance that similar LED TVs. The colors are accurate, screen display is uniform, and the blacks are as dark as dark can be. The off angle behavior is fantastic too and performs wonderfully in well-lit environments too. It is rightly said to represent the zenith of flat panel display technology.

However, it does not give you the full value of your money. Power consumption is more than comparable LCD HDTVs and performance in well-lit room is marginally lower than some others because it does not use matte screen. The 3D performance of Panasonic Plasma TV is not by any means under the bar, but some crosstalk still exits. Sadly, 3D glasses are not included with the TV.

Overall, with accurate colors and uniform display it is one of the best performing plasmas or flat panel displays ever.

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