Pandigital Novel Review

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Pandigital Novel

Pandigital Novel

Electronic reading has picked up the pace in the new world where e-reading and digital libraries have propped up. The 7-inch Pandigital Novel looks like a tablet, but it is made for the avid reader. The color touchscreen makes reading ever so easy now.

The Pandigital Novel is, in fact, a miniature tablet and resembles it. It runs on the Android platform too. The LCD e-reader is packed with impressive extras.

  • Display- 7 inch color LCD, TFT touchscreen
  • Screen- resolution 600 x 800p
  • Supported e-book formats- PDF, EPUB, image formats
  • Supported multimedia formats- MPEG-4 video, WAV, MP3, AAC audio
  • Connectivity- W-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, GPS
  • Memory- 2GB flash, SD cards, MultiMediaCard

Pros and Cons

E-reading is now just like reading a printed book with the color e-reader from Pandigital. It is especially delightful to read magazines and newspapers online on the Novel color LCD touchscreen. Novel supports the Barnes & Noble bookstore.

One thing you will be disappointed is that this is not an e-ink reader, which is ideal for reading, even in bright conditions like under the sunlight and drains the battery remarkably little. More than anything e-ink readers go easy on your eye. E-ink readers’ battery lasts for a few weeks when used continuously while Novel last mere 6 hours at most! Nevertheless, e-ink readers are now only in black and white and have many flickers. That may tilt you in favor of the Novel.

Another thing to remember is that it is a bit heavy for an e-reader weighing around one pound. In the e-reading market where Amazon’s Kindle readers and Barnes & Noble’s Nook readers rule, added features along with the e-reading facilities are the only catch here. Video playback, audio playback, and digital photo playback are other facilities; Pandigital Novel is a cross of a tablet and an e-reader.

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