Pandigital Novel Tablet Review

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The Pandigital Novel tablet is designed for the e-reader. With access to the Barnes & Noble store and a design that easily fits into your hand, it is one of the few color tablets cum e-reader option you have out there, or at least until color E-Ink readers are launched. Running on Android without Android Store, the $180 tablet is a cheap option. It suffices as a tablet and e-reader but do not expect to have impressive features or performance.


The 7-inch tablet from Pandigital is mainly a color LCD screen e-reader:

• Display- 7 inch TFT LCD screen, resolution 600 x 800 pixels

• Size and Weight- 5.5 x 7.5 x 0.5 inches, 16 oz

• Storage- 2 GB internal, external extendable to 16 GB

 • Processor- 553 MHz CPU ARM 11

• OS- Android 1.5

• Battery- Li-ion rechargeable, 5-6 hours backup

• Connectivity- Wi-Fi, mini USB port

Pros and Cons

The color touchscreen brings a lot of color and feels to the e-reading experience. The e-reading experience is completed by the access to Barnes and Noble store. The best thing about the Novel may be its price, but the below, $200 price, mean that the external is made of glossy plastic.

The slow processor, sometimes-unresponsive touchscreen and the unreliable interface mar the user experience. The battery life is not impressive, as well. Moreover, it would have been better that there were physical e-reading buttons- home, backward/forward. In effect, it is not much of a tablet, but as an e-reader, it is truly novel, or is it.

The cheaper Kindle and Nook are better e-reader, though they are black and white using E-ink technology. In addition, in view of a tablet the Pandigital Novel is not strong enough, though, at $180, it is surely an inexpensive slate.

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