Pentax Optio Pocket Megazoom Has Two Shutter Buttons

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The Pentax Optio VS20 20 X Pocket Megazoom cameras have two shutter buttons and are specially designed for easier operation when held vertically and such gadgets in photography are limited. The camera with a secondary shutter release was announced today. To be released in February this year, it will retail at $250.

Double Shutter Feature

Earlier in 2009, EasyShare Z980 from Kodak featured a secondary shutter release on a pocket sized high magnification model. It offered a similar vertical shutter button with a 24X mega zoom. You can find the shutter release, and zoom control in the normal place at the top of the camera, and now it is in the side too. Its accompanying tripod mount on the side of the camera apart from the primary tripod mount also aids the shutter release with zoom control in the Optio VS20. This allows the camera to be used easily when the photographer is holding it vertically.

Camera Specs

Apart from the double shutter release and zoom control feature, the camera resembles conventional pocket sized high zoom models. The Pocket Megazoom camera has a maximum magnification of 20X which is made possible by the 28 mm to 560 mm optical zoom lens. It has a 16 MP CCD type sensor for getting classy snaps. The video abilities of the CCD based Option VS20 rockets up to 720p at 30 frames per second. The 20X lens of the Option VS20 uses an amalgam of digital, ISO and sensor shift stabilization paradigms. The camera has digital level technology that comes in the 3-inch LCD screen of the camera that avoids tilts on photos while taking photographs. Another novel feature on the Pentax Optio VS 20 is the ‘Handheld Night Snap’ mode. The ‘Handheld Night Snap’ mode uses image stacking and exposure bracketing to capture images in conditions of dim light.

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