Personal Cloud Storage: My Book Live

Western Digital’s My Book Live is a Wireless Hard Drive that plugs directly into your router to essentially create your own wireless personal server.  Available in 1, 2 or 3 TB storage options this personal cloud can store information for any computer on the network.  For around $130 for the 1TB and under $200 for the 2TB or a 3TB for well under $300, you get a 3-year warranty and a free iPhone app that will enable you to upload photos onto your iPhone from your server as well.

My book live

You can stream media directly into your television and access your files remotely from the secure network.  This means that if you have WiFi you can access all of your files from a tablet if you want!  This is the same kind of technology that Amazon is using for its Kindle Fire storage. You only get 8GB, but you get access to all this cloud storage that essentially eliminates storage problems altogether.  Only this way, you are the only one that has access to the files.  It’s kind of like the difference between using a safe at a bank or having a personal safe at home, only you can access it from anywhere you can get online.

iTunes is also on the drive, so you can stream from  your account onto all of your devices.  Ever lost information before you had a chance to back it up? My Book automatically backs up your information every time you save something.

If you have more than one computer in your house or need to store more than just a handful of photos, you may want to jump into the future and get a personal cloud of your own.

Author’s Bio: Sean is a technology enthusiast.  He loves upgrading his computer and saving money with an HP coupon, so that he can stay up with the latest and greatest in the tech world.

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