PS Store Apps and New Titles to Save the PS Vita

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Sony has pressed the panic button with the slump in the sales of the Play Station Vita in the Japanese market. A slew of apps, add-ons, and new games in the gaming console have been released. The rush is expected to save the PS Vita from a beating in the US and Europe as it faced in Japan. The gaming handheld has been officially launched along with many additions to PS Store, the digital download platform.

The PS Vita Console

The limited edition 3G-enabled Vita comes with a 4 GB memory card and is priced at $350. There are 3G and Wi-Fi options for the Vita. The Vita has a front facing camera too.

Unimpressive gaming options is said to give the Vita unfavorable reviews. In addition to that, there are several media playback issues. In spite of all these, the PS Vita is highly favored due to phenomenal gaming abilities incomparable to other gadgets.

New Additions

Several new games have been released in the PS Vita including ‘Touch My Katamari’ and ‘Plants vs. Zombies’. The ‘Plants vs. Zombies’ come at $14.99, and there is a talk about overpricing. Three free games- ‘Cliff Driving’, ‘Table Soccer’ and ‘Fireworks’ gives a convincing account of the augmented reality feature of the Vita where the game content is overlaid on the image from the rear camera in real time. Some other paid games released in the Vita are ‘Army Corps of Hell’, ‘Hustle Kings’, ‘Tales from Space’,  ‘Dynasty Warriors Next’, ‘Shinobido 2’ and ‘Ben 10 Galactic Racing’.

Many PS Store apps like Flickr, Netflix, and LiveTweet apps will be available for download free of cost. A noted missing feature has been the omission of Skype; however, it will arrive in the near future. A range of different add-ons has also been released for different games and uses.

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