PS Vita Game Gravity Rush Demo Impresses

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Gravity Rush, known as Gravity Daze in Japan is a new game due to be released for one of the most modern gaming gadgets– the PlayStation Vita gaming console. PS Vita in Japan is in for a massive exposure with more games lining up for showdown. Gravity Rush is a role playing game, or RPG is due for release in late February. Japanese PlayStation store released a demo of the game from SCE Studio, Japan. All in all, Gravity Rush can be said to be a game to be watch out for in the PlayStation Vita platform from Sony.

About the Game 

The two part demo is separated by episodes that highlight specific game play component. The final half of the demo features illustrations in comic-book styles with impressive dialogues. The muted color adds to the charm of the game. The game objective is to manipulate gravity and navigate through the various levels of the game. The RPG elements of the game involve virtual worlds to explore, optional villains to fight, going up levels and some alternate quests.

The Demo Contents

The first episode features manipulating the gravity mechanism by personification in the form of a girl able to manipulate gravity at will in the background of a lively town at daytime. Objects nearby the floating character will also be levitated. The controls are sensitive and adequately responsive. The starting sequences are in an environment of tall buildings and shops. The second phase of the demo of Gravity Rush features the combat system. The gamer faces jellyfish like creatures ejecting red projectiles and can be defeated with a few kicks. Some of the villains can float, and they drop gems once defeated. The basic strategy of the game is to target the weak points of the villain to progress in the game levels.

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