PS Vita by Sony, only a week away and Mortal Kombat trailer already arrived

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Sony, the master of play stations are soon to launch its PS Vita and no way could be increasing the excitement of already excited audience; an amazing trailer of the gadget for Mortal Kombat is here for the PS Vita to be released supposedly in late spring.

The trailer expresses scenes from Scorpion and Sub-Zero pointing to the fact that this time play is not going to hold any augmented reality. Although the rumor has not been confirmed until now, but it seems that even without the AR effects, Mortal Kombat seems like a catch! Mortal Kombat trailer releases by Warner Bros. offers a 90 seconds of exciting gameplay footage.

PS Vita: Features

PS Vita comes with many features and full with contents. In addition, cherry on the icing is that it also involves a challenge tower mode having around 150 entirely new missions. Features involve touchscreen, X-ray moves for the starters. Other features include leading franchise like call of duty and Assasin’s Creed. PS Vita also allows one to play as Shao Khan and not just that it includes all the costumes and DLC. Moreover, the Kratos are also there. With so many features included, PS Vita cannot be avoided! For those who did not try PS’s console version, Vita is not such a brilliant idea but for those who did price is going to make a difference.

PS Vita: soon in stores

PS Vita is already on the go and soon to be on the shelves on 22nd Feb. with a good amount of game titles right on the release. So many other features are a terrific catch as far as PS Vita is concerned, but for Mortal Kombat, you need to hold your horses until later this spring.

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