First Quad-Core Processor from MediaTek

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"Quad Core Processor from MediaTek"

Quad Core Processor from MediaTek

MediaTek, a Taiwanese chipmaker on Dec 11, announced quad core SOC (System on Chip). This is the first for the company and the first of the kind, as well. However, spokesperson of MediaTek said that the Quad Core SOC from the company is not the first one to be announced, but the first one in the market to be shipped. It is also the first HSPA+ to offer dual SIM feature. During the demo of the new mobile processor, Finbarr Moynihan conveyed this information to the media.

Reaching the market

The company is planning to launch the processor in the first quarter of 2013. The mobile partners of MediaTek are currently testing the processor. Qualcomm too announced such processor in the last week. However, the processor from Qualcomm will hit the market not before than the second half of 2013.

Until now, MediaTek had been focusing only on the low-end smart phone market. With this new processor MT6589, the company will move to smartphone market of mid and high end. MediaTek is a popular company that creates smartphone processors and gadgets are built up based on the processors.

Pros of MediaTek’s MT6589

The new processor from MediaTek is power efficient. It has many multimedia features compared to the other processors in the market. The processor has native support for 3D cameras and displays. So, the user can get the features like face beautifier, best shot, smile shot and a panoramic mode.

The spokesperson of MediaTek says that cell phone is not only acting as an internet device, but it becomes the camera for the users, and these features are perfect for such users.

MediaTek has been marketing in China and has grown up to take place behind giants like Samsung and Qualcomm. The company also plans to expand in US, which is hard to crack the market. In addition, the LTE, which is missing, is being worked on says Moynihan, the spokesperson of MediaTek.

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