Raspberry Pi Single Board PC Launching in January 2012

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The Raspberry Pi is a single board personal computer developed by the Raspberry Pi foundation in the UK and is scheduled for launch in the New Year. The foundation is a charity organization. The $25 to $35 ultra cheap computer, made especially to simulate and teach computer science using cheap hardware gadgets, is set for public release in January 2012.

Raspberry Pi

A single board computer or SBC is a full computer that is made into a single printed circuit board integrating a processor, memory and the input/output boards. Usually the design is cheap with static RAM and made from a discrete programming language. Learning is usually promoted in C, BASIC and Perl, but mainly it is done in Python.

Specifications of the Models

The PC features an ARM11 processor of frequency 700 MHz. It has a RAM memory of 128 MB for the $25 version and 256 MB RAM for the costlier Raspberry Pi single board educational PC. The computer runs on Linux operating systems like Debian or Fedora and on RISC OS PCs.

The $35 version of the computer has 256 MB of RAM and an Ethernet port which is not featured in the cheaper version of the Raspberry Pi computer. It has 2 USB ports while the cheaper model has only one USB port. Both the model does not have a disk drive or a solid state drive. Instead, it uses SD cards for long term storage.

Extra Features

A bonus board has an extra feature which is attractive, for computer enthusiasts called Gertboard. The Gertboard is an expansion board that can be used along with both the models of the Raspberry Pi educational PC. One can do many digital and computer controlled functions like drive motors and activate sensors and things like flashing LEDs on and off.

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