Ready for the Revival: Google TV 2.0

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It has been almost one year since it was launched, and finally we can have some dramatic and drastic changes in the Google TV 2.0 version which will be ready with the improved service with the additional apps and the cleaner interface. Though it remains to be seen, whether these changes would be sufficient to compensate the setbacks caused by the sluggish access and the lack of Web Content or not.

As I have recently used, and experienced this new and upgraded service, I must mention, that the massive and rightly directed changes have been inculcated in the device. These changes will change the look of the existing Google TV and is worth waiting till the Google makes it open to the all.

Positive Note

The best thing about the Google TV’s latest version is that it is powered with the Android 3.1, and thus it has opened the door to the huge collection of the Apps. Also, the new changed look, which is far better, than the previous one is fantastic in these Gadgets. There are few apps designed by Google itself out of which that of Youtube is astounding given its speed and quality. Also, the full version access to the Google Chrome is available which is outstanding.

Negative Side

The aim of the total integration in the Traditional TV by the Google still remains the pending promise in this latest 2.0 version of the Google TV. Also, the process of the connecting a Dish Receiver to the Google TV is a tedious job and requires the multiple attempts, as well. There is a large possibility that you will miss on the DVR features, this problem can only be solved if Google makes the partnership with the service providers.

If you are a current Google TV user then these changes are a boon for you, but, it is for sure that still there is a long way for Google TV, to fulfill the promise it made on the launch!

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