Five Reasons for Android Gaining Momentum in Mobile Market

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Android wave is sweeping large shares away in the global mobile market. Apple iOS is the main opponent of Android which has weakened its position, whereas Android is making place to dominate sooner in the global market. Already we have an abundance of smart gadgets piling up in the market which is run on the Android platform and tracking down the Apple’s iPad, iPhone.

Five main reasons are here to see why Android is dominating in the market.

Compatibility of Android with multiple devices

Android being an open OS can run on any third party developer device while windows Phone and Apple iOS can run on Apple’s endorsed products only. Major manufacturers, such as, Dell, Samsung, Motorola are utilizing Android OS for their gadgets.

Android is open source

It increases the number of users which love to use Android as it is not licensed to any particular company. Lots of open source firmware are making games and apps which can run on Android platform.

Web searching facility

Android devices are fully consistent for web searching, and it is the other reason for its success. Android has access to all the web services!

Android’s unique versions

Android has got unique user interface which is easy and straightforward to use. This is also one of the crucial reasons for the supreme success of Android platform. Almost all versions of Android i.e. Honeycomb, Gingerbread, and Ice Cream Sandwich have super user interface.

Simplicity is the strength

Listening to music, searching the web or watching movies is so easy for user friendly Android devices. Those who are not tech geeks can also use these high tech devices.

Free Phones

In the U.S., the four carrier’s free phones are based on the android devices so that more android devices can reach the consumers.

There can be many more reasons but the fact is this it is going to be on the top spot of the global market in next few years.

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