Reasons to Choose Blackberry over iPhone

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When the whole world looks to iPhone or the popular Android gadgets like the Samsung Galaxy S and Nexus, there are still some reasons why the grand old Blackberry must not be ditched for these newcomers. Blackberry users are now ridiculed with raised eyebrows to their seemingly lack of sense to stick to the oldest smartphone. Even when iPhone and Android smartphones have changed the way we looked at mobile phones and now are seen as handheld versions of your desktop or laptop computer.

Some of the reasons for Blackberry users to stick to their favorite may seem full of nonsense. The fact is that it is some sort of aesthetic qualities of the design and interface of the Blackberry that makes its loyalists not to change with the world.

Physical Keyboard Easier than Touchscreen

Perhaps one will never meet a person in the world who loves typing on touch screens. They take to it, and they get used to it, and not because they love to type using a virtual keyboard, while physical keyboard is faster and error-free. There is nothing fast and uncomplicated as a physical keyboard. No wonder why many iPad users use external keyboards. And no wonder why iPhone users are stuck with Autocorrecting their text.

The Red Activity Indicator Light!

The Blackberry has a flashing red light to indicate some activities like a new text message, email or an unread message. None of the Android gadgets or the iPhone has one. The message pop-up in the screen will vanish within a few moments while, in Blackberry, the red indicator tells that something is waiting your attention when say, you left it in your desk.

Even the Blackberry Messenger is superb expect that users of the service are dwindling by the second. The BBMs is a free messaging service and still there are some people to take it.

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