Reasons why to upgrade your Mobiles with Android 4.0

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Android 4.0 is the next generation mobile operating system. Scrutiny reveals that, till date, it is the best version available because of which it is showing dominance over other mobile operating systems.

The brain child of Google and some have even gone ahead to comment that it has gone over iOS. It is here to stay and has put the best foot forward by being available on the Galaxy nexus. It hopes to be in other models in the near future.

Attractive innovations

On first sight at the Galaxy Nexus, you are spell bound! It has a sleek body and its features are stunning. It comes with a 4.65 inch display, 16GB memory, and dual cameras in an ultra sleek design. More and more consumers feel the need for photo editing tools in the smart phones. This will satisfy them with a better camera support. It has been designed such that it supports the operating system easier. It is the latest gadget that has struck the market that enables transfer of data from one android to another without a wire contact. Apps are available as is music and video for entertainment. Ice CreamSandwich has unique software that scans the face to unlock the phone.

Get rid of fragmentation

Among androids, fragmentation is a huge impediment. It is hard to decide which the best is! But owning a galaxy nexus is certainly a wise choice because Google wants to give it the features of a tablet and make it more uniformed in its work.

Though Galaxy Nexus is the only smart phone that has been given Ice Cream Sandwich, yet many other mobiles will undoubtedly get to have it included. The advanced features are worth having on your mobile phone and very soon it will be available on other phones too!

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