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iLuv Speaker Dock

iLuv Speaker Dock

The iLuv iMM288 is a stereo speaker dock for iPhones and iPod with basic function and satisfactory sound performance yet do not expect it to grow on you because it will not. The budget speaker dock for iPhone and iPod does not have anything more than power and volume controls. There is not even a remote. Yet the iLuv app cheers up the experience.


  • Stereo quality speakers
  • Docks iPhones, iPods all versions
  • Power and 3.5 mm auxiliary audio jack
  • More options when using iLuv app
  • 7.8 x 12.2 x 6.8 inches, 2.8 pounds

Pros and Cons

The iLuv iMM288 stereo speaker has loud sound and is extremely easy to use. In addition to that, you can use iPhone and iPod apps that use the speaker dock. Play you songs and charge your mobile gadgets at the same time. Browse the internet, watch YouTube videos, play games, or see movies while still docked to the speaker. An app called iLuv App 3.0 adds a lot of functionality- is available for iPhones and iPods with alarms, clocks, internet radio, weather reports and more integrated into an extremely easy interface.

However, being a budget speaker dock costing just $90 and even available at $50 from Amazon, it does not have surround sound or the Altec Lansing features. Moreover, there is nothing more than two volume buttons and a power on/off switch. The bass sound distorts and the sound qualities are not the best you can get. There is also no remote for the speaker dock, which pretty much has been the trend on such speakers.


The iLuv iMM288 Stereo speaker dock gives an incredible experience with your iPod or iPhone and is an affordable and easy to use basic speaker. The bass distorts at high sounds and it is not exactly portable. The classic speaker has only the basic functions and gives an iPod and iPhone dock.

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