Review on Yamaha NS-AW570WH All Weather Speakers

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Yamaha NS-AW570WH

Yamaha NS-AW570WH

The Yamaha NS-AW570WH All-weather speaker system is a delightful outdoor speaker system- a lightweight and compact design allowing easier installation. The dual tweeter and single woofer drive system perform a terrific job with a large range of frequencies and high volumes without much distortion. The sensitivity is not unusually high but just enough not to have much distortion.

Measuring 8.8 x 7.4 x 10.2 inches and weighing just 5.1 pounds, the Yamaha NS-AW570WH speakers, are a typical all weather speaker system that can be used effectively outdoor due to the surround listening provided by the dual tweeter configuration ably supported by quality woofers. It is extremely easy to use outdoors easily mounted on walls with included brackets and it can be painted too. The summary of the Yamaha speaker configuration is as given below:

  • Type– outdoor, wall mountable
  • Power– 120 W input, 5 way binding post terminals
  • Woofers– a 6.5 inch mica filled Polypropylene high compliance woofers
  • Tweeters– two 1-inch PEI Dome tweeter for increasing the listening range
Pros and Cons

The tweeter produces high frequencies and the dual tweeter configuration means that there is no interference of the sound waves with the woofer, and you get a better frequency range. The woofer is made of lightweight materials and produces exceptional sound for a 6.5-inch driver. The power range is from 40 to 120 W and anything above 120 W may damage the speaker driver. The mountings are adjustable, you can paint the speakers, and it is resistant to water too. Moreover, it does not have any significant sound distortions at higher volume too.

However, the customer support for the Yamaha product is not particularly proficient with only a two-year warranty period. The sensitivity rating is not unusually high so there is more power consumption.

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