RIM’s Mobile Fusion for the security of iPhone, Android

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Research in Motion has announced launching the unique Mobile Fusion, software designed for security in the Androids and iPhones. Since a long time, it has been trying to compete with Blackberry’s smartphones and Tablets; with this software it has come darned close to Apple and Google. The software is scheduled to be initiated in the market in March.

Single web based console!

RIM is aiming at bringing together server technology of BlackBerry with management capabilities of iOS and Android under a single web based console. This will help corporate people to manage apps, rules of the password and software in other devices like Apples iPad and iPhone as well as Google’s Android with Mobile Fusion. It will become the platform via which the users of BlackBerry, Apple and Android will reap benefits. It will provide all the above gadgets additional security.

Will it enhance sale of smartphones?

It is a revolutionary product but analysts are not terribly sure if it will strengthen the market of smartphone gadgets. It will prove useful for those who have thought of eliminating BES, but in general the idea does not seem unusually lucrative. Rim has circulated BlackBerry to its employees and its clients, but it does not imply a hugely beneficial sale aspect. In fact, many clients are turning to the Apple iPad and iPhone. Investors have already been questioning co-CEOs of Rim and were promised of revised business structure. Yet it performed poorly in the Wall Street. Due to this company had to face an agitation for four long days resulting in the company’s offer, to provide customers Apps worthy of $100 totally free.

In between May and August RIM lost 5% points of the smart phone market in US. RIM managed in gathering $1.4 million in the last quarter and relying heavily on this BBX operating system for improvement.

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