Rumor Springing up for 15-Inch Macbook Pro and iMac

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ivy bridge processor in macThe new Macs- iMacs and Macbooks will bring more to the table with a retina display now used in iPhones and iPads and a further slimmed exterior according to supply chain sources as reported by 9to5Mac. Moreover, to top it off GeekBench says that you will have the new breed of Intel processor running the Macs. The supply chain indications are strong for an imminent refresh of the iMac and Macbook lines this year itself. Things are expected to be more clear by June when Apple’s Worldwide Developer’s Conference.

Supply Chain Indications and Price Cuts

The retail prices of the entire Apple Macs gadgets comprising of Macbook Airs, Macbook Pros, iMacs, Mac Minis and Mac Pros have been slashed in the stores of the popular retailer Best Buy. If this is any sort of indication, it must mean that a new update of the product line is on the cards as prices are cut to clear out their product inventory in anticipation of new products.

The Buzz Going Around

Bechmarking site Geekbench, which has a reputation of calling it right with predictions including that of the 2010 Macbook Pro two months prior to release, has said that the new iMac13.2 will be a 27-inch model and will be running on the 3.4 GHZ Intel Ivy Bridge quad core i7-3770 processor. The new Macbook Pro 9.1 will be running on the Ivy Bridge quad core i7-3820QM 2.7 GHZ CPU, which MacRumor thinks, will feature a 15 or 17-inch model.

MacRumors agree that indications of a Mac product line update might be around the corner. Meanwhile 9to5Mac appears and says that the prime changes in the new Macs will be according to ‘trusted sources’ retina displays, ultra-thin sleek design and USB 3.0 ports. Let us wait and watch these new Macbooks.

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