Rumors in the market for atom based Android smartphone

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LG electronics will soon launch an Android smartphone that is modelled in consonant to Intel’s Medfield platform that can run on low power. The Korea Times have reported that LG will begin the manufacturing of smartphone gadgets utilising Intel’s latest Platform called Medfield. This will be made public on CES 2012 very soon. LG has not shown interest in commenting on the report, but Intel’s Korean Chief Lee Hee Sung said that a senior executive will be releasing the Intel based smartphone.

Korean times reports….

Yet Korean Times did comment the lack of experience of Intel in the smartphone sector. It is still apprehensive of success and is doubtful of its success. This is actually made even more gripping since the atom chips in the smaller netbooks have drawn too much of the power. In this context, this is to note that Intel is trying hard to remove this drawback for more efficient mobile chips that will be functional in tablets and phones.

Rumor from another source….

There is yet another aspect to ponder upon. This is, in fact, LG and Intel’s second attempt to start with this kind of a smartphone. Earlier also the combining duo launched another product, the GW990, prototype of the smartphone bust had soon abort the idea because the project seemed unusually impractical. Rumors add another aspect to the mobile phone by LG. it states that the company will first issue so called reference models instead of the fully equipped Android device. It further states that LG may initiate this Intel in any Android software. LG will likely initiate the reference mobiles and earn massive subsidies from Intel in the name of promotion.

Another source says that Intel is anxious over Growing AMD market inKorea. The partnership with LG will be a welcome.

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