Samsung flexible smart phones

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Everyone can agree that technology is amazing.  Who could have guessed, even twenty years ago, that we would see the emergence of smart phones and tablet computers previously only seen in science fiction movies?  But the Korean conglomerate, Samsung, is getting ready to turn the entire technology market on its ear.  Or should we say bend it on its ear?  Samsung announced that in 2012, hopefully the first quarter, it will be incorporating bendable and flexible displays into their smart phones.

 Believed to have been years away, by even the most farseeing of technological visionaries, the flexible display will revolutionize the current bulky smart phones in everyone’s pocket.  We have all been there, we have dropped our smart phones on the hard floor or ground and watched in horror as it broke apart or cracked.  Samsung’s new flexible displays are so tough, that even a hammer will not mar the digital surface.  How is that for smart technology?  Technology that can actually take the impact of daily life.

Many women have also been faced with the problem of what to do with their all important smart phone once they are dressed in the perfect outfit.  More times than not, the cute little handbag we chose for the evening will not accommodate our lifeline to the outside world.  This will be no problem for Samsung’s new flexible smart phones.  These adaptable little pieces of technology can bend, contort and fold into most shapes and sizes.  Unbelievably, you may even be able to wrap it around your wrist and use it as a watch.  The best part is that you will no longer have to sit down, only to find that your phone has popped out of your back pocket.  Or more uncomfortably, has become a rather stiff and immovable seat cushion.  The flexible display will allow the phone to conform to your back pocket, or wherever else you have decided to place it.

Samsung Bends The Market

You might think that the flexible display will cause some viewing distortion or other “weirdness” with the screen.  But everyone knows that Samsung believes in optimal viewing regardless of application, and they have not altered that motto here.  The screens are incredibly clear and the viewing is similar if not better than many current products on the market.  You will not sacrifice one technology for another with these new flexible display smart phones.
Samsung is once again proving itself an innovator in the technology field with their 2012 application of flexible display smart phones.  Whether you hold one, wear one, fold one, or find another application you will not be disappointed in the newest leap forward for mobile devices.  Go check out Samsung’s new flexible display smart phones either on the web or when they hit a retailer near you in 2012.

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