Samsung Galaxy S III Flip Case Review

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Samsung Galaxy S III flip case

Samsung Galaxy S III flip case

Samsung sporting the Ice Cream Sandwich and multitude of attractive features recently released the flagship Android device. Moreover, naturally, you will like to be armed with accessories like screen protector, stylus, and a case. In addition, the Samsung Galaxy S III flip case is one of the best bets. The flip case is the official accessory of the Galaxy S III from Samsung.


The flip case clips on to the back of your Galaxy S III and you can fold it over to the front to protect the screen when, not in use. Without much addition to weight, the case provides complete protection to the Galaxy S III. The colors available are chrome, blue, and look pleasing when adorning your handset. The screen is remarkably thin, sleek, and strong enough to protect the device adequately from scratches, small impacts, and drops. The Samsung Galaxy S III flip case fits snuggly, and the flip is flexible rubber bumper and do not add much weight. The flip actually replaces the original back battery cover.

Pros and Cons

One thing that most people will not like about the case, in the first place is that it does not have a lock. So it is not a problem if you have kept it in your pocket or desk, but if it drops screen down, the flip will open on the way down. In addition, the volume buttons are not accessible when the flip is closed, and that is not particularly satisfying when you keep it in your pocket and is listening to songs with the headset.

Nevertheless, these are not significant flaws as considering that the Samsung Galaxy S III flip case is far more durable, and light compared to most commercially available ones and comes at an extremely reasonable price too. It is durable, featherweight, and a hugely useful accessory.

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