Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G Review

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"Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G"

Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G

The cost-effective new Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G Android Gingerbread (2.3 version) system is the newest product of the sturdy smartphone in the competitive accounting price category. The Samsung concept to introduce such an edition is to capture the user’s mind in terms of a QWERTY keyboard gadget for a less cost value. The online connectivity application is an added advantage for the mobile customers with U.S. Cellular hardware services.

Universal Galaxy Metrix 4G

The modern generation device houses 3G and 4G LTE networking capacity depending upon the area of connectivity, as U.S. Cellular is not a global coverage system of mobile phone integration. The networking ability so far covers almost 26 U.S. places in accordance with the third-generation and fourth generation plan of internet access.

The device constitutes a matter textured black plastic casing with the edges made with chrome material, and a glass display panel. The only U.S. Cellular released this year, has a body mass index of 5.8 Oz in weight. The presence of a power switch button is available alongside the keyboard facility. There are also two volume control buttons on the exterior and beneath the glass panel is present four touch push buttons, with easy navigation keys.

Pros and Cons

Several features garner and attract attention to the QWERTY keypad Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G product.

  • The AMOLED panel is of 4-inches in size with a resolution of 800 x 480-pi strength.
  • Over six hundred thousand Google Play applications with excellent Wi-Fi connectivity
  • Feasible built-in five-mega pixel camera with LED flash and a video-chat enabled front camera.
  • Single core, integrated 1 GHz processor, and 2.15 GB in-built capacity, and an added microSD opening for memory cards up to 32 GB storage
  • Good voice-call sound system, which produces clear and noise-free audio functionality

The device is slow and heavy, with minute delays when photographing, networking, and integrating with the Bluetooth device. The hues and colors of the taken pictures do not provide in-depth clear images.

The Final Verdict

Priced at $ 129.99, the Samsung Galaxy Metrix 4G mobile is a new cost-effective device for all loyal QWERTY keyboard followers. It is not a tad low profile for such a cost and hardware make.

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