The Best of Samsung Galaxy Note VS Samsung Nexus

Smart phones are the latest trends on phone. It gives new meaning to the use of phones. The Samsung Galaxy Note is one of the latest innovations in technology. It is basically wider and larger compared to other phones. It has a full screen feature for speedy utilization and tasking. It functions powerfully. It has a screen size of 5.3 inches, making it the largest size screen phone. With the wide screen, you can see images clearer. It has an AMOLED display. It facilitates wonderful viewing because of the high resolution screen. It also has different features, which are very useful and beneficial for the Samsung Galaxy note user.

samsung note

Samsung Galaxy Note has a wonderful screen transitions, S Planner, as well as multi input features. You can put text and images with the use of full touch or with an S Pen. It also has the ability to detect handwriting, voice and music recording. Capturing images using your Samsung Galaxy note is wonderful. You will be able to capture any images without sacrificing the resolution and the quality of the image. It has an 8 MP camera best for capturing small images detail. This is truly the best phone that you can use for personal and business purpose.


The Samsung Galaxy Nexus is another innovation in Smartphones. This phone is powered by Android 4.0. This phone is also known as Ice Cream Sandwich. It also has a gorgeous resolution display. It does not have an extended memory as it has no microSD card slot. When comparing the two phones, Samsung Galaxy Note provides lots of benefits to users compared to the Samsung Nexus. The only difference is that the Samsung Nexus is slimmer and smaller compared to Samsung Galaxy note. Feature wise, the Samsung Galaxy note has a more useful and beneficial screen features. This is the ideal phone for both personal and business use.

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