Security issues of Windows phone operating systems

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With the advent, of the windows 7.5, initiated in the mobile phones; a flaw has made its way. This was pointed out by an independent security researcher who claimed that a malevolent text message can hack the text messages. The operating system will receive a virus message that will instruct the phone to shut down. When the user starts booting windows messaging service will not open.

The claim

The claim that has been made by Khaled Salameh has been proven genuine by Microsoft, and the stunning part is that many other windows phone devise can be affected by this malware. Among the list includes gadgets like HTC titan and Samsung Focus. HTC runs on 7740 built of windows phone 7.5 also called Mango and Samsung is running 7720 built of Mango. On a blog, in Twitter, Salameh has confirmed that he can release the accrual code, but he is aware of the disaster that may come, as a result, and hence abstain it from making it public. He claimed that the same code will be able to hack other tools belonging to Microsoft like the Visual Studio 2010. Microsoft was not available to comment on this point of course.

Microsoft’s releases

Microsoft’s brainchild was Mango, the first of the updates of Windows Phone in August. Since then, numerous other additions have been made to improve the Windows Phone. It consists of features for new end user, to backend devises. The Widows Phone id updated with a feature called threads that allow the users smooth navigation from texts, within Windows Live Messenger, and of course Facebook. Groups can send and receive messages as if it were a chat room. This has opened new avenues in social networking. You could get connected to Bing, Twitter Linked In, and get search results for all sorts of entertainment.

If Microsoft does not deal with these security issues, it may soon lose a lot on its sales.

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