Security System Digital Life Launched by AT&T

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At&t Digital Life

At&t Digital Life

Telecommunications giant AT&T has launched a security system called digital life, which is IP, based. It also doubles out to be a home automation system. Being IP based it gives its owners the privilege to keep an eye on everything that goes on in their house via their smart phones or tablets. This, in turn, enables them to take speedy action when required. Being digital, the AT&T digital can connect to any number of gadgets of different varieties and still function smoothly.

About the System

The Digital Life system lets you control the security systems along with the automation and water controls etc. AT&T is expected to launch another branch called digital life group for work in the security monitoring centers owned by AT&T. The exact first trials for the AT&T digital life will start in Atlanta and Dallas. Main compatibility that spearheads the new launch is that it can be used with smart phones and tablets, which makes it particularly handy for the users. AT&T has plans to go big in the sector of wireless subscribers in the USA. Their finest launches include the AT&T digital life and the AT&T U-Verse.

Other Innovative work

Some of the innovative work going on in the labs is developing wristwatches or phones that detect through vibrations in bones whether a person is reaching home and whether or not to unlock the doors accordingly. Also, hoping to get inside your vehicles, the AT&T guys are making another gadget system called got my stuff. It automatically scans your car to look for certain things that are RFID-tagged. Its motive is to ensure you have remembered those items. It is expected to be in the form of a dashboard that is customizable. Along with all these innovations, AT&T is also working hand in hand with leading automobile companies like Porsche, Panasonic etc to manufacture some future cars.

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