The Sony Ericsson is now going to Integrate with Sporty Billabong

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When technology shakes hands with sports, there is Xperia born. Sony Ericsson looks forward to shake hands with Aussie outdoor outfitter, Billabong planning to launch Sony Ericsson Xperia.

The new Sony plus billabong’s Xperia

The new Xperia smartphone has sports logo, giving funky new look. This gadget is resistant to water, dust & scratches. It even works with wet fingers. The new Sony Ericsson integrated with billabong is 3 inches screen with 5 Mega pixel cameras and has 2 Gigabyte of built-in storage. This new Xperia active supports android 2.3, Gingerbread, runs on 1 GHz processor. There are numerous sports based apps like barometer, compass, and fitness trackers. The Sony Ericsson Xperia Play also contains Billabong Live-App and games. Sony Ericsson is integrated with Billabong in order to launch Xperia active.

Features of the Xperia Active

This new Android device has an attractive design with a sporty look. The new Xperia smartphone has double cork landing, frame riding mass as a new gadget. The maker of this handset has proclaimed a global strategic – alliance with partnership of Billabong. The new handset will be loaded with new features and entertaining apps. The exclusive contents will combine screen savers, many compelling applications, and billabong branded games.

The two integrated companies’ claims that the new smartphone, Xperia ABE is the other example of ideal smartphone, it is specially built for sporty personalities. Soon the consumers will see the presence of Sony Ericsson in various key events of billabong. However, the setback is the hardware in the new smartphone is same as that of Xperia Active, as it is been announced. The Xperia smartphone has 1 giga byte of memory with single core processor. There has been enough introduction of this integrated product of Sony Ericsson and billabong, the news is that whether this smartphone will hold its position in the market or not.

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