Sony PS Vita- New Portable PlayStation

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On February 22 in the New Year Sony will release its new handheld gaming system in North America since launching the hugely popular PlayStation Portable (PSP) in 2004. The PlayStation Vita is priced at $249. Gamers have to realize the value of the Vita when you have many free tools and alternative console options available like using your smartphone as a console.

The Challenge for Gaming Consoles

In the present world, where smartphones and tablets are making massive inroads into the pocket of the common man as a necessary luxury, the demand for handheld gaming gadgets is on the way down. Recently, Nintendo had to slash its prices by as much as a third due to decreasing sales in Japan less than six months after introducing it into the market.

Nintendo 3DS had more sales initially than the 321,400 units recorded by the Vita in the first two days. So indications are not suitable for portable gaming devices. Realizing the possible predicament that it may meet in the future, Sony has made arrangement for demos and sample demonstrations for prospective gamers in its stores, in San Francisco.

Features of the Vita

The Vita is a sleek black ellipse shaped 5 inch touch display and looks stunning. It has a front and rear camera, a GPS sensor and a microphone. With ‘Uncharted 3: Drakes Deception’ for PlayStation 3 in the top 10 in many year-end reviews, Vita is in for a good exposure to PS3 games.

Now Sony is also targeting gamers who would like to create content and share it in the game cloud with fellow gamers and enthusiasts. Many hit franchises on PS3 now feature building and modifying their own worlds or tracks to create new levels for a game. Franchises also use console cameras to create augmented reality and similar intelligent features.

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