Sprint disabled IQ software: Carrier IQ provides explanation

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There has been a lot of controversy with the Carrier IQ software that was installed in the phones by Sprint. After keeping silent for long, Carrier last week broke the silence and claimed that the controversies were baseless. The software that was used did keep an account of the Keystrokes, which it must do so as to recognise instructions, but the software did not supply any data-photos, messages, or browsing sessions- to the company.

The software stores data, but there is no evidence that it was being transported to the company. Sprint too became answerable to the accusation because it installed the software.

Sprint said…

Sprint said that it is disabling the use of the software from the user’s phones. They have analysed the concern of the customer, and they have decided to disable the tool they collected data. Data will no longer be collected in the software said a senior spokesperson Stephanie Vinge in a press release. They are further weighing the needs for diagnostics and are yet to decide on the diagnostic software.

Carrier IQ said…

Carrier IQ said that this software is only used for network diagnostics, and it did not record any kind of information to pass on to the company to which it belongs. Last week, an individual researcher, had pointed out that the software could keep a track of the key strokes of users including the text messages. Carrier IQ has its software in more than 141 million cell phone gadgets, and it has denied the charges. They do record the success or failure of sending of an SMS, but it does not record what is in the message. It does inform which applications are drawing more from the battery but certainly does not know to capture what’s on screen.

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