The new supreme gadgets, all in your hand; Asus Transformer Prime, Windows 8, Apple ipad 3

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The year 2011 has been an exciting year for gadgets like smartphones, tablets too shared the popularity. The release of iPad2 was accomplished. It is one of the best technology by the Apple, the collection of Android Tablets are perfect. As big sale of smartphones is anticipated this year, the other gadget players are also going to insinuate themselves into the competition.

The Apple ipad 2 Wi-Fi with 32 Giga bytes of memory is available, it costs around $479; also some of the other products by apple are apple ipad 23-giga byte and 64-giga byte, each of $659, apple ipad 2 Wi-Fi with 16-giga byte of memory is costing around $399.

It is a king iPad

iPad is ruling the android and iOS, this is certainly an advantage to use iPad gadget. The success of iPad2 is remarkable; it has only been released last year gaining such an enormous popularity. We expect similar products from Apple. It is expected that quad-core processor will be featured in new iPad 3 of apple, it would have a high res display and will be comparatively slim shape and size.

Windows 8 and Asus Trans Prime

This year it is expected that Microsoft would release Windows 8 with the Laptops of 2012 and by the end of the year, 2012 the tablets would be also working on Windows 8. It is also rumored that Nokia will also try its technology in the field of tablets utilizing Windows 8 operating system. This latest technology gadget has been released in United Kingdom. Also, it has been given attention, and many reviews have been given. It is acclaimed that Asus will have a strong market hold. It will possess one giga byte of memory space and will hold up to 64 giga byte of storage.

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