Five tech toys to give a man on a special day

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Most of the times its the boys who are mostly concerned about which type of chocolates or flowers are the perfect gifts for her on a special day. But what kind of items should a girl get on special anniversary or holiday for his man? A few tips are here provided, beginning with the most obvious consideration – men these days prefer gadgets and other high-tech goodies over cigars, chocolates (probably more for girls), ties or other old-school stuff:

Laptop holder



A nice bag or casing for a notebook or laptop computer for a guy, is the equivalent of a nicely designed personal bag is for a lady. It will be appreciated, especially if a durable and sturdy model is chosen that protects the electronics inside. It’s a nice way to show him that she cares about how well he keeps up his PC on the go.

Video games

Getting a CD of the hottest new version of the video game he likes is an excellent way of getting his attention, similar to the way a guy seeking great gifts for her might choose a DVD of a recent movie she especially loved. Be sure to get the right version, given the competing platforms (PS3, WII, Xbox and the like) available.

Apple iPad

If a woman is going on the more expensive side please a guy, she should consider the hottest tablet on the market. It’s virtually giving him a second PC, that is just as mobile as his notebook. The big benefit of an iPad is the amazing array of applications or apps that are being written for the mobile device. This will lead to hours, days or weeks of extra fascination, which in totality will be a constant means of getting him to remember who gave him the handheld

GPS systems

There are products like the tom-tom 330 XL and other portable GPS systems that would be considered excellent gift items by most men. Portable global positioning devices are good for cars and any other situation where men don’t want to ask for directions, when they’d rather just get out a private device and get it for himself. These items are usually sold out so quickly, that prices have come down to under $100 for many good models.

Kindle e-book reader

There’s an excellent item to give a guy that’s a tech device, and reintroduction to the world of reading. Getting electronic pocket reader opens up the entire world of E articles and books written for this platform as distributed in the Amazon website. You will continue to bring happy memories about you to him each year, as it is used to read book after book. It may be to the guy returning the favor, with gifts for her to have the lady thinking about him for years to come.


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