Textbook Land Search Engine is Now Free

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Textbook Land is a search engine for buying textbook at low prices or even finding cheap textbooks online in this age of astonishing gadgets. Now the new and used textbook buying and selling site has announced that its textbook search engine is now free. There are no fees involved in searching for brand new textbooks in their site and is a free online utility.

It is especially useful for college students in finding reduced textbook price online. Textbook Land has been providing reliable service since 1999 and is one of the best price search and comparison sites on the internet. The site has recently completed a staggering two million searches for comparison of prices of textbooks.

What You Get From TextbookLand.com?

Books can be searched by its title, name of the author or the unique ISBN number of a textbook. The search query will return a list of books ranked from the cheapest of the lot. The selected books, whether it is brand new or used, it can be brought online instantly.

In the run up to the New Year, Textbook Land allows college student to use their new search engine to search for textbooks online, and buy them so as to save a lot of money. They can also sell their textbooks online. You can search for books under diverse categories and find the cheapest bargains by comparing book prices from online stores. Textbook Land owner David Batchelor has said that they want college students to save as much money as possible by getting cheap textbooks from their site.

Search and Sell Back Your Books

TextbookLand.com also offers students to sell their used books and the search engine also gives the prices for buying back sold books from the site. This is a darned good feature of the site as it helps college students to sell all their old books and save as much of their money as possible.

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