Tune Up Your Windows 8 with Huge AMD and BlueStacks Applications

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Now establish more software Android-based applications on the Windows 8 integrated gadgets with the help of BlueStacks and AMD based programs on your Mac and PC systems.

The move will make available about 500,000 applications for users through the AppZone Player program of AMD. On 4 October, the world will awaken to a new set of consumer-oriented basis of Android programs with the AMD power-driven Windows systems and Intel powered PCs via BlueStacks original Windows find.

Winning Strategy

The rise in user direction pointing towards all Apple gadgets, the latest strategy, is expected to increase the value of the Windows 8 systems with additional categories of more usage availability, for taking over the popular Intel name. Previously integrated with only about 2000 applications, Windows 8 has received a phenomenal boost by the AppZone Players interest in its operations and development.

  • The APU and GPU novel AMD technology of is optimized via AppZone Player application.
  • Novel one chip-based computing and graphics technology
  • PCs integrated with AMD works well with BlueStacks tools on Android OS.
  • Earlier Windows 7 models with AMD can avail the Homerun Baseball, Flipboard, and Jetpack Joyride apps, also developed for Windows 8 gadgets inclusive of touch screen models.

Capturing the Windows 8 Bracket

With PCs, tablets and notebooks currently widely using Intel driven technology, the move is expected to up the Windows 8 user’s usability with widespread distribution techniques. The BlueStacks and AMD firms are in earnest negotiations with HP, to incorporate the AppZone Player facility in the upcoming AMD models.

The longer wait to experience Microsoft’s in-house Windows Store, will now benefit from the recent developments for availability of Android apps to manifold PCs and computer setups. The BlueStacks and AMD deals are a boon for Windows 8 integrators, in the end scenario.

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