Updated Onkyo DS-A5 Charging Station Revealed

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"Onkyo DS-A5"

Onkyo DS-A5

The new charger dock in the business circle is the Onkyo DS-A5, which will be released to the public next month. In the coming October, the dock-station users are in for a newly upgraded gadget with added features in the charge-station field. The numerous integrated functionalities on offer cater to all the dock needs of the clientele.

  • Compatible with each receiver in the mobile market
  • Well-matched remote control that is useful with more than decade old receivers of Onkyo
  • Supports fully charging capacity with a hard-wired association for all 30-pin port Apple mobile devices

Useful Add-on Features

The new charge station has in-built applications that facilitate iTunes flow from all transportable gadgets directly via the receiver. The devices include wired or wireless music streaming from the desktop or Mac system. The dock set also provides the user with the ultimate music experience through coordination with AirPlay. The Onkyo DS-A5 dock is no exception and enables connectivity with the new Apple smartphone via an external adapter. The 9-pin Lightning connector needs a $29 adapter to connect with other products like the docking station. The other alternative is to try the wireless-connect option for the AirPlay system.

Try Onkyo DS-A5 Dock Station

The unit provides manifold added facilities that are the definitive designs of novel docks.

  • Secure digital connectivity for all iOS gadgets including iPhones, iPads, and some iPods. The iPod Shuffle model cannot he docked with the DS-A5 charger as it houses a different connector
  • Music streaming to earlier Onkyo audio-video receiver models with older version Ethernet and USB port features
  • Dual digital and analog audio connection functionality alongside remote control feature enabling playlist navigation
  • Edge over Apple AirPlay with music-hearing facility at the same time as mobile charging

The add-on programs feature a clear sound manifestation, produced through direct signal streaming using audio output signals of digital nature. Photographic images or video signals can be sent and viewed on a TV via the receiver. The DS-A5 charge station does not need other Onkyo receivers to incorporate the AirPlay function. It can perform even with other stand-alone products without the remote control incorporation.

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