No Upgrading for Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S

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All those users who have picked up cheap Android phones or tablet from not branded names may face problems in upgrading. There are many free options in the market that has been availed by people and these users will face problems in upgrading. But what about this high end android device bought from notable dealers? In case of the Samsung Galaxy S and Galaxy Tab, there will be no upgrading!

Samsung not upgrading the Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S devices

Samsung will not upgrade its Galaxy Tab and Galaxy S devices with the latest version of Google OS called Ice Cream Sandwich. The reason that Samsung has stated in its Korean website is that the two smartphone gadgets do not have adequate memory as well as storage capacity to run the Android 4.0 version. The Android version must have proper back up for TouchWiz interface, specific carrier applications, and in some versions streaming in music and video from television of the android phone. Since Samsung wants to update its own version of the Android 4.0 version, these will not be upgraded in Galaxy Tab and S in spite of the same hardware in nexus and Galaxy Tab.

Concern for mobile carriers

There are other concerns for mobile carriers and Samsung. As soon as an updating is done, it has to be tried and tested. If the smartphone is not adequately equipped to handle the latest OS matters, it may terribly complicate the users, as well as the manufacturers. We have seen this in case of case of Droid X that got the Gingerbread upgraded but could not carry on long with the contract and soon switched on to iPhone. It is extremely frustrating for customers who have spent more than two hundred dollars on their android mobiles and not getting what they were promised.

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