Users’ Review: LG Nexus 4 has Some Noise and Distortion Problem during Calls

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No doubt, LG Nexus 4 offers a lot of striking features and till now we have seen a lot of happy users of this latest gadget. But still, this device too isn’t completely well and there are some problems as its users reported. As per users reports the gadget has Issue 39936 as given in Google official reporting site.

The complaints are regarding the earpiece; it doesn’t work properly while on the calls and create distortion therefore users can’t listen the calls properly on Nexus 4 smartphone from LG. Additionally, more than 130 users have claimed that while making calls through earpiece they experienced slight noise murmuring as well as clicking noise.

Frankly, while seeing the huge number of Nexus 4 users, reports from only some hundred users aren’t worth to notice but still if you are investing over $300 then you might feel some awkward for just some little bugs that may be annoying sometimes.

As the users revealed and further investigations, we assume that the noise and distortion may be coming through earpiece that reveals that the earpiece is always stays in ON mode. Therefore, the prime cause behind the problem may be the battery drain if you keep your smartphone on all the time.

Google is addressing the problem and even in Google Forums the solution is still to come. It seems that the bug doesn’t sound much critical or may be the search engine has already started working on it.

Currently, LG Nexus 4 isn’t available for sell on Google Play Store and they mentioned it “Out of Stock”, we assume that LG as well as Google may have some concerns and they may come up with some fixes soon.

It sounds like the problem isn’t a hardware problem and it may be a problem of software installed on it. If you too have some issues on your Nexus 4 gadget then let us know here in comments or you can post the issue on Android Forums as well as Google forums.

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