Verizon’s Mobile Security Series for Android Systems

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"Verizon Mobile Security Application"

Verizon Mobile Security Application

The Verizon Wireless service has initiated its own security services with Basic, Premium, and Premium with Total Equipment Coverage packages. Collaborating with McAfee and Asurion, the largest carrier has launched these Security services for Android incorporated mobile platform systems. Simply named as Verizon Mobile Security, the new safekeeping application will provide up-to-date secure solutions.

Information on the new Verizon Mobile Security Applications

The mobile networking operator has entered this market with innovative ideas on the cards.

  • Remote device location functionality
  • Alarm system
  • Lock facility
  • Remove data from lost or mislaid mobile gadget

The many features of this application are provided in various facets of security clarifications, ranging from the fundamental to the intricate.

Basic Verizon Mobile Security solution: The free application in association with other popular security services uncovers malware and virus warns on malicious bug entry and cautions on doubtful websites. The solution requires data plan and usage features for integrating into system.

Premium Verizon Mobile Security solution: The application incorporates McAfee’s App Alert and the Basic Verizon solutions for providing applications information on access rights, alongside two-way gadget data transmission or storage details. Priced at $1.99 a month per line, this service enables customers in My Verizon accounts to utilize Asurion’s functionalities. The subscription is available on consumer statement, on a monthly basis.

Premium Verizon Mobile Security with Total Equipment Coverage solution: Priced at $1 per line with added coverage costs, this service includes certain Asurion’s and existing Verizon’s features.

From Asurion: The service applies the Protection Plan facility for devices that are stolen, missing, or broken.

From Verizon Wireless: The service applies existing Extended Warranty feature that encompasses electrical or mechanical defects after the cessation of the manufacturer’s guarantee period.

Utilizing Verizon’s Security Solutions

Avail this opportunity to integrate the combined Verizon’s solutions that meet all mobile security needs. The mobile security solutions are compatible with numerous smartphone models including the popular Samsung’s Galaxy S III and Motorola’s Droid Razr M gadgets, and can be downloaded from the Google Play site from the Verizon Channel address.

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