Vintage Technology meets Excellence – Samsung Focus a Windows Smartphone!

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Samsung is the most reputed brand in the Mobile Smartphone Industry today and so is the Microsoft for years in the field of Operating Systems and Software assistance. The new product named Samsung Focus, which is the, product of Samsung Inc and is a Windows phone is a genius outcome of the collaboration of world’s two leading names! Its users must admit that it has an incredible experience every time Samsung Focus Windows Smartphone is used!

Amazing Features

This phone starts with the theme of the ‘Live Tiles’ which is an extra ordinary feature of the real time updates in each tile regarding the new mails and the messages. A 3*3 square is provided with the notable People tile in which all the latest uploaded photos on the Facebook by your friends are visible at the single click, and you can access them at ease. People tile shows the timeline updates while the ‘Me’ tile displays the notifications updates for you from the social media like Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn. The in-built phone browser and the Microsoft Zune system are the other merits to name. Also though less in number, numerous apps are available on the Windows Market Place, as well.

User Friendly Access

This gadget is most suited for the regular use as well as the business need given the provision of the MS Office. Also, this phone scores better on the front of the Hardware thanks to the Samsung Inc. Good quality rear camera and other specifications are at par with the current Smartphone’s and, therefore, this makes a perfect combination. Windows phone is quite a new concept, and it will take time to get established like Android or iPhone. But the quality it has offered and the features it carries, it is difficult to ignore the presence of this phone!

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