Wearable Computers by Apple, Google to sell Smartphones

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The New York Times has reported the behind the scenes rush by Apple and Google to make a portable, mobile wearable smart device has been on for more than a year now.

New Developments

Apple is reportedly testing many prototypes and striving to make the wearable device as mobile and portable as possible. One of the prototypes is an iPod in the form of a wrist watch to which users can communicate using AI software assistant Siri. At present, this wearable device may be integrated to the iPhone and the user will communicate to the wearable gadget.

Google too is had not been left behind. It is reportedly working on the concept in its Google X Labs with the help from some engineering universities, Apple engineers and Nokia Labs. Google’s wearable device also will be made to relay information to Android smartphones.

Wearable devices can be seen as the next step towards achieving virtual displays on glasses and contact lenses. These devices may debut as smartphone accessory but will give impetus to the advancement of the virtual world. WIIM, a Silicon Valley based company, have already created a wrist watch computer, but it didn’t take off as expected.

The Present Scenario

There is confusion regarding what information will be collected by this new gadget and how will it collect it wisely, and how users can trust their gadgets to act as they want it to. Apart from virtual games that kids play in a park or when working out, there does not seem to be much use of innovation from the present perspective.

The so-called ‘gadget fatigue’ has set in on consumers due to the very little difference in the variety of smatphones and tablets available in the market. Unless something new comes out of the wearable technology, it will end up as a high-end luxury accessory.

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