Windows 8 Not to Use Start Button

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Windows 8’s metro style start screen may finally get the start button removed from the Windows interface. The bold decision has surfaced from leaked reports of screenshots of beta versions of the Windows 8. Meanwhile, it remains to be seen how this cross platform OS across gadgets will change the existing Windows experience with its new start screen.

Metro Style Start Screen

The cursor gesture to the bottom left corner of the start screen where the start button is found will slide out a thumbnail preview. This will replace the conventional pop up start menu used until now. The metro style start screen will feature an identical ‘hot corner’ like that in the desktop.

The hot corner used being used in both the desktop and the metro start menu will allow users to toggle quickly between the start screen and the desktop. On tablets and mobile devices, you will have to swipe to toggle between the two modes.

What it means?

The Verge quoting sources closer to the development team of the new Windows 8 operating system reported the shift to a metro style start menu. PC Beta released some screenshots of the Microsoft Windows 8 Beta, which rather confirmed the phasing out of the pop up start menu.

However, the response to this radical change in the user interface is still unpredictable as Microsoft has not yet detailed on how to explore and open applications using the metro style start screen. This may be the reason why the developer preview of Windows 8 featured the start button, which took the user to the metro style start screen.

Moreover, Microsoft will be intending to find a way to introduce the new interface so that users see how it is useful than the normal start menu. In addition, after the beta testing, we can hope to have a better GUI.

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