Windows 8 Tablets to Come With Intel Clover Trail

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Intel will launch its Atom range of processors based on the ‘Clover Trail’ architecture, for small gadgets, and these processors will be used in Windows 8 tablets that will be released towards the end of the year.

Clover Trail Processors Superior

The Clover Trail is friendlier for tablets in terms of performance and speed and is all set to arrive in the market at the same time as the launch of Windows 8 replacing Windows 7. It has a multi core design unlike ARM processors, which have a single core design. The Intel smartphone Medfield, which will be launched in the second quarter of 2012, is inferior to the Clover Trail architecture.

During the third quarter, of 2012 Acer and Lenovo will bring out tablet PC based on the Clover Trail Intel processors and the new operating system form Microsoft, the Windows 8 as reported by Digitimes. HP, Nokia and Dell have already said that they would be bringing out Windows 8 tablets. Supply chain sources from the Far East says that the new generation Medfield technology of Intel was outmatched by ARM processors both in performance and power capabilities.

Will Windows 8 Flourish?

Coming this late into the tablet market may be a disadvantage for the Windows OS but Microsoft’s ability to provide a uniform interface across multiple platforms from mobiles, tablets, PCs and other computing devices may tilt the advantage in its favor.

Windows 8 tablets aim to give a stiff competition to Apple iPads, which currently holds about 70 percent of the tablet market, if not try to reduce the one sided market share. Meanwhile, Intel’s system-in-a-chip Medfield is all set to challenge the monopoly of ARM processors used for Android gadgets. With little success for the Android tablets companies expect the new set of processors and Windows 8 OS to give their sales a much needed boost.

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