Windows 8 Not to Update Third party Software

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Microsoft has made a critical decision on handling updates in its next version of Windows operating system. Non-Microsoft software will not be updated by Windows Update. Experts argue that the Microsoft people are missing a trick here to enhance the security of Windows gadgets, which is detrimental to its success in vital market segments in thwarting the competitions in the secure computer systems.

Currently, Microsoft does not support third party software updates in its Windows Updates utility. What it provides is updates to Windows drivers and third party files required to run the OS apart from system updates. It also allows third party ActiveX controls to be disabled in Internet Explorer (IE) at vendor’s request. Microsoft has yet not responded to widespread demands to make uniform update mechanism in Windows devices a reality.

What Microsoft Can Gain From a Unified Update Mechanism?

Microsoft can gain a lot of trust and goodwill by making a single interface for updating all windows programs, and it also would give a powerful impetus to security in Windows systems. Using multiple updaters are far from being optimum. Users need to remember to update each application, and each update app gives the user a different experience. It’s abundantly clear that one would like to have a single updater.

Why Microsoft not Integrating Updates?

Microsoft argues that it doesn’t have the resources to validate every other application’s update, although they are able to key vendors like Adobe Reader and Flash Player, which needs frequent updating. The wide variety of installation tools, delivery mechanisms and approaches to updating make the task of Microsoft even more challenging.

But Microsoft authorities have made it clear that there would not be a unified update mechanism of all Windows software as the difficulties outweigh the uses of such a system. There are even Windows applications like Secunia PSI 2.0 that scans a Windows machine for applications that need to be updated and direct users to update sites. Wake up, Microsoft.

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