Windows 8 Upgrade: A Synopsis

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"windows 8 upgrade"

windows 8 upgrade

Windows lovers are happy now Windows 8 upgrade is available to download on quite cheaper prices. Well, still you should have a look about its pros and cons before actually going for windows 8 download on your PC.

In fact, there is a huge transition in the terms of UI as compared to the last windows 7 OS. Here are some main points that may help you in taking the verdict about Windows 8 upgrade:

The Cost:

For sure, the cost matters a lot.  But yes, if you decide to upgrade your PC before 31 January, 2012 then you can enjoy striking deals as given here:

  • Windows 8 Pro Upgrade – For Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 Users: $39.99
  • Windows 8 Pro Upgrade – On Purchase of Windows 7 PCs: $$14.99

You can visit Microsoft official website and browse the Windows 8 Upgrade section to explore other deals on this latest windows Upgrade.

*These Windows 8 upgrade pricings are for online downloading and installation only. You would have to pay additional amount in order to get Windows 8 on disc.

For New PC Buyers:

  • Buyers buying PC or Laptops: Okay, if you are thinking to buy a brand new PC or laptop then I would suggest you to buy a machine having Windows 7; it applies for the laptops equipped with touch screens as well. That’s it because if you purchase a desktop running on Windows 8 then the drivers, you get with PC, will be compatible with Windows 8 only and you can’t rollback to Windows 7 again. And as per users’ reviews, Windows 8 has some problems and isn’t completely free of bugs at the time. However, after purchasing the device with Windows 7, you can go for Windows 8 upgrade and their introductory prices; just $14.99.
  • Buyers buying touch enabled gadgets: Well, if you want to buy a gadget then you can opt for Windows 8 without any problem. Actually, this OS is compatible with the concurrent technologies and touch technology is one of such technologies for which this OS is completely compatible.

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