Will Windows Phone 7 Weather the Storm?

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There are widespread rumors that Microsoft’s Windows Phone 7 is vulnerable. Several technical blogs have been talking about the issue after Dan Seifert of Mobile Burn added fuel to fire on social networking site Twitter. Windows Phone seems to be on a downslide, and it must have stronger carrier supports, better and more app support, and frequent and reasonable software updates to the system. Competing with the likes of Apple’s iOS and Android smartphones Windows phones have a tough time ahead of them.

New Developments

Recently, the next software update of Window Phone 7 was leaked from WMPoweruser. The Windows Phone Marketplace, the app store of Windows Phone 7 has hit the 50,000 mark. Meanwhile, WinSupersite has reported that the fourth generation GSM LTE mobile technology in Windows Phone gadgets will be released with AT&T as the carrier. In the present smartphone explosion globally with the introduction of long product lines of Android devices and the ever perfect design of Apple gadgets, there has not been a real competition for both the smartphone vendors. Blackberry from RIM has been plummeting with heavy losses. The decision of HP to drop WebOS is met with disappointment in many quarters.

Why Windows OS?

Windows phones are different type of smartphones with features of both Android and iOS. The interface is aesthetically pleasing and customizable. There is integration of the OS with applications to some extent and multitasking is also possible. Updates come directly from Microsoft, but some people may not actually like it.

It is widely believed that Nokia may enter into partnership with Microsoft for Windows Phone 7 to be implemented in their phones. With better applications available and constant updates, Windows phones may be again come into favor among the smartphone users. Let’s wait and see what happens when the much talked about Windows 8 is launched.

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