Windows Phone app 3.0 Launched by Microsoft for OS X

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"Windows Phone app 3.0"

Windows Phone app 3.0

It is good to hear that Microsoft has released for Windows mobile and Mac users the new version of Mac’s Windows Phone 7 Connector. Now the name is given as “Windows Phone” App 3.0 and the most apparent beneficial feature of this version is synchronization of OS X machine with Windows Phone.

This feature will undoubtedly help in the easy data transfer on both the gadgets vice versa. This news is quite amusing for all those music lovers who have not switched over to iPhone but are addicted to their Macs. It is clear that Microsoft is trying to cover all its costumer bases.

Windows Phone new Features

It seems that, for gaining several new features, Microsoft has done many amendments to the Windows Phone App 3.0. The most favorable thing is ease of use and its friendly features. Some of the features include Aperture 3.3.2 iPhoto 9.3.2, Retina display support, and better battery charging state. With these features, users are now able for dragging and dropping from the device to the Apple computer and vice versa.

What’s more

It would be easier now for synchronizing the music, movies, and other stuffs to the Windows Phone from the iTunes. However, if the user wants to transfer the media files then it has to be converted to the DRM format. Videos and photos synchronization and import can be effectively done with the help of Aperture library and iPhoto feature.

The sleek and clear interface is another advantage of this new version. Moreover, drag and drop features for a Windows Phone in a Mac is quite helpful in saving a lot of time during file sharing. Microsoft has tried to improvise on the synching features as previous versions got several complaints from consumers.

For OS X Windows Phone app 3.0 version can be picked up from any of the App store.

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