The Best Windows Phone: Samsung Focus S

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The Samsung Focus S is one of the best Windows phone available with high end performance, a large display and a devilishly good camera. It has a sleek design and better performance compared to its predecessor Focus. It comes with a Mango version 7.5 update and is priced at $100 with a 2-year contract with AT&T as of now.

Basic Features

It works on 1.4 GHz single core processor featuring Windows OS. It fares better than the Samsung Focus with respect to performance.  The Samsung Focus S support the 4G network of AT&T, although the slower HSPA+ network. In any case, streaming of web pages and loading of web pages are quick enough for a 4G phone. Although not much can be drawn out of the sound quality when on a call, you can say it is a good phone overall.

The Focus S has an 8.0MP camera also has a 1.3MP front camera. The camera handles light contrast and shadows quite well to give a natural and sharp image. As always, there is a dedicated shutter key to access the camera any instant.

Windows gadgets do not have a microSD slot as you can’t expand your memory beyond the internal memory. It is highly similar to the Samsung Galaxy S II running on Android considering the external design. It has a super AMOLED display similar to the Galaxy.

Mango Software Update

With the Mango Windows update, you can combine the operations of third party apps and even IE9 and multi-task it. You can switch between apps quickly in an orderly display interface. You get all the main features of a Windows7 phone with MS Office, media player and Xbox live. You can also group and categorize your contacts. The Bing search and services works wonderfully.

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