Windows Phone will soon be having Skype

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Integrating Facebook with Skype

Now it will be easier to remain connected with your friends, business clients, relatives because Skype is including Facebook. It means you will be able to remain in touch without manual login. You just need to provide your login details to integrated Skype. Free calls will be provided to users of US who have premium subscription.

Free VoIP call can be done to landlines, videos, and mobiles also. Sharing of the screen can also be done; this will promote the completion of WebEx and its link with the Skype. However, it has certain setbacks too. When mobile technology will be integrated with Skype, Microsoft will not be profited.

What would be the new look of windows with Skype?

As a phone, with windows operating system has become popular and is widely used by the users. The Skype will be used in the windows operating system mobile. With Skype in the windows phone, it will be easier to do video calls and similar tasks. The video conferencing will also be developing. Nevertheless, what people have to pay for the subscription of Skype, this is the new question in the air.

All the gadgets of Apple will also support the windows, so installing Skype will eventually gain popularity. Therefore, the growth in the development of CES will take place and Skype will see many buyers. The tie-up of Skype with the Facebook and its services will be beneficial for the Skype, as it will be more utilized by the users. In addition, Skype may charge for the services being provided.

Many integrated systems are coming, which will be launched by Panasonic. With the help of Skype, you will be able to chat with people and call your friends at reasonable prices. Video calling is one of the important features of Skype!

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