Windows RT on Surface up to 2017 only

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"Windows RT On Surface Tab"

Windows RT On Surface Tab

MS is trying to defy the competition with Apple as well as Android. And they have taken a further move following their strategy to get ahead in competition with others.

Microsoft has clearly stated the date on which the support of Windows RT will be over on Surface tab. The anticipated date is 11 April, 2017. As per the MS sources, MS Office would have the same type of support system after the due date.

Well, it doesn’t sound well for Microsoft while analyzing their previous strategies. All of the versions of Windows OS had at least the term of 5 yrs before averting their support. In the case of developers the support term was up to 10 yrs and in this case the time is just for 4 and half years.

The anticipation date for MS Surface is declared by MS but Windows RT’s date is still to be declared therefore there are the possibilities for some manipulations. Both of these have a life and development cycle together.

If we would have a look at the competition level in the market, Apple as well as Amazon is ruling the market with their tablets, however, with this strategy Microsoft sounds to take down the competitors. There are some contradictions with iOS 6 on iPad.

For Android operating system the scenario is quite different and typical too. If you have a good follower of Android market then you would have well known that many Android gadgets are still running on Gingerbread, however, the two updated variants are released; ICS and Jelly Bean. The reason behind the problem is that the devices don’t have proper support for Android 4.0 or above versions in terms of hardware.

But MS is going with a different strategy. They may develop the Surface in such a manner that it could be capable for further OS to be introduced. On the other hand, there won’t be any noticeable updates in further OS so that Surface can easily support that OS version too.

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